Picsdream News: Future Forward Picks Up Ten Photographs from Picsdream

As promised, we’ve aggressively started promoting and showcasing the photographs on Picsdream to buyers and art collectors. Our efforts have borne fruit too! Early last month, retail and online chain of camera and photography equipment, Future Forward picked up ten photographs from the collection of photographs uploaded by Picsdreamers on the site.

The store known for promoting photography bought the photographs as display pieces for their store in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The photographs will be prominently exhibited at the store, making it a matter of great pride for us and for the Picsdream community.

We congratulate Balan Madhavan, Mukesh Khugsal, Uthama Kumar, Raghav Sethi, Bhavesh Bhati, Rajan Raju, Mandeep Singh, Srini Balram, and Kunal Sehrawat whose work was a part of the ten-photograph deal. We hope to continue on this start and achieve many more such deals in the future.

To ensure that your work is showcased to the buyers and gets the appreciation that is deserves, you must continue to upload your best work regularly and provide all the required information. We’ll do the rest.

Here’s a little preview of the photographs that were bought by Future Forward

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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