Ten Indian Street Photographers Whose Work You Must Follow

Every art and craft has its masters, so does street photography. Here’s presenting ten photographers whose work (websites, profiles) we found intriguing and think everyone practicing this genre must have a look at and follow their artistic journey for the much-needed inspiration.

Poras Choudhary – For a long time we couldn’t move past the website cover image. Brilliant display of color and expressions, and culture all rolled into one very vibrant photograph. The rest of the portfolio is also equally inspiring and beautiful. Having started photography only in 2005, this photographer from Kurukeshetra has come a long way in a very short time, gain popularity and fame for his work nationally and globally.

Two women plucking the flowers which they would use in decoration of their headgear, its a part of their day-to-day routine but in this case they are getting ready for a festival in which they would perform traditional dance. Image & Description courtesy: bechance.net/poraschaudhury

Arindam Mukherjee – Kolkata-based photojournalist Arindam’s work speaks volumes about his efforts and interest in bringing a change with his craft. From capturing the plight of beautiful Kashmir to sharing the loss of Tsunami victims and the agony of sex workers, this inspiring photographer tries to highlight everything that we need to pay attention to with his work.

Chronicles of Kashmir
Residents of Dal lake commute by small boats. Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Arindam Mukherjee. Image and Description courtesy: Arindam-Mukherjee.com. Image cannot be used without approval from the photographer. 

Prashant Godbole – If you want to see people street photography, Prashant’s portfolio is your destination. This Mumbai-based photographer’s street photography collection, especially the black and white one, is a beautiful showcase of life on the street.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Prashant Godbole

Sohrab Hura – An economist graduate turned photographer, Sohrab’s photography journey started with chronicling his own life through photographs, which have been published as book titled – ‘Life is Elsewhere’. He also holds the distinction of being the only second person to be selected by Magnum Photos, first being Raghu Rai. We wish he would share more of his work to inspire upcoming and young photographers!

Shiv Narayan Joshi – A retired professor and an avid photographer, Shivji’s (as he is known) collection showcases the life in the desert. His portfolio is a colourful journey into the interiors of Rajasthan, giving insight into their lives.

Image Courtesy: shivji.photography

Anoop Negi – Delhi-based Anoop specialises in a special kind of ‘street photography’ – the fairs and ethnic events of the country, focusing on Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, and Meghalaya. His portfolio on flickr is a must follow for those interested in viewing the many facets of the Indian culture.

Biswajit Kumar – Photographer Biswajit’s collection showcases not only the streets of India, but those in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and The Hague, making him a global street photographer.

Arun Titan  – Arun Titan’s wedding photography portfolio showcases beautiful photographs of high quality, but it’s the street photography collection on flickr that got our attention. Showcasing life in every form, he brings forth the grit and gumption of the street life through his photography. We especially liked the series A special smile, a project capturing the life of the mentally ill.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Arun Titan Photography

Kaushal Parikh – Mumbai-based Kaushal is a fulltime street photographer and founder of the the street photography collective. His work was also featured in the 2014 Thames & Hudson publication “Street Photography Manual”. His photographs beautifully capture the essence of life in different forms.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Kaushal Parikh Photography

Siddharth Jain – Delhi-based Siddharth is a freelance photographer who works in a number of genres ranging from wedding (rare), travel and portraits, at times also covering stories of human interest.

Image Courtesy: siddarthjain.co.in

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