5 Street Markets in India that are a Photography Heaven for a Street Photographer

There’s something really enticing about everything ‘street’, more so if it involves shopping. Street shopping, unlike the branded stores, has takers of every kind – rich and poor; men and women; nationals and foreigners; and the young and the old, everyone enjoys it. What’s more, these shopping streets or markets are also home to some of the best street food or food joints the particular place has to offer. For a street photographer this provides lots of subjects, emotions and scope for a variety of colorful shots.

In India, especially, street shopping is huge. Every city has those one or two streets where you can get the specialties of that city, but there are five markets which we feel every street photographer MUST visit at least once. Pack your camera and set off; you won’t be disappointed, we promise.

Chandani Chowk Image Courtesy: Flickr/Supratim Ghosh

Chandni Chowk, Delhi – The grand dame of street markets, Chandani Chowk has many stories to tell. Situated in Old Delhi, this market is ideal to get a feel of and showcase traditional Delhi culture. From shopping to food, it’s all there. This place gives immense opportunities to capture shots of families busy with wedding shopping or group of women flipping through the traditional wear, young people busy gorging down the yummy offerings of parantha galli. It also provides great insight into the toil and hard work the less privileged daily workers put in. Apart from this, it’s also home to the Red Fort & the Jama Masjid, a great place to get some shots of tourists.

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai – Colaba Causeway’s got history, style, color, and lots of oomph. Located in Churchgate, one of the main business areas of Mumbai, the street has everything from shopping stalls of colorful clothes, jewelry, shoes, books, to retail outlets of some of the major brands, ensuring you have access to all kinds of subjects. Surrounded by old buildings, this place gives lots of opportunity to study British architecture. It is also close to the Gateway of India and the famous Taj Hotel, a favorite of many photographers. What more could anyone want if you have access to this photography delight.

Colaba causeway. Image Courtesy: Flickr/Karan Patil

Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar, Goa – One might argue, isn’t all of Goa photogenic? Why leave the beaches for shopping which can be done anywhere? Well, cause, this market’s vibrant and it’s got a certain vibe to it that you won’t find anywhere else. Considering that it’s a night bazaar there’s a lot of opportunity to practice night photography. Music, lots of light, food, colorful stuff, and people having fun – isn’t it the ideal setting for a shoot?

Chaminar on Ramzan Night. Image Courtesy: Flickr/desi Traveller

Charminar Bazaar, Hyderabad – Another ancient market, Hyderabad’s Charminar is hustling and bustling with activity at any point of the day. Visit the ancient monument and the surrounding marketplace to get a deeper understanding of the beautiful city of Nizam. Replete with history and lots of amazing stuff, this place offers opportunity for great photographs. A must, if you’re into photographing jewellery – there’s lots of pearl shops and the traditional lac chooda shops to take photographs of.

Jauhari Bazaar, Jaipur – All of the Pink City is photo-worthy. But, still, its lively markets deserve a mention. If you’re looking for the spirit of Rajasthan, wanting to showcase tradition and handicrafts, then this is the place. Home of royal palaces and historical monuments, such is the beauty of this particular city that it might even divert you from taking photographs.

We believe, travel opens up our horizons and adds to our work in terms of variety and even quality. If you’re keen on learning the art of photography – irrespective of the genre, we suggest you make it a practice to visit new places and meet new people at every possible opportunity. Develop a chemistry with the world, it’ll show in your work.


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