7 Places to Capture the Best Human Emotions for Street Photography

Street photography is all about documenting people and life on the street. Showing or bringing out the amazing, inspiring, or awesome from a cluster of regular moments and capturing the frame-worthy. It’s also a great way to study how people display emotions in public.

Among the open space that is street photography, there are some places where these emotions are freely displayed and people openly show their vulnerability. The top places that come to our mind are –

Religious places – Mandirs, Gurudwaras, Chruches, and Masjids…basically any place of worship. Here people openly display happiness, gratitude, worry, stress while they commune with their God. If there’s a place where you want to study/capture a gamut of human emotions, it is here.

Solitary Prayer

Image Courtesy: Raghav Sethi

Airports and Railway/Bus Stations – The grief of saying goodbye or the joy of reuniting is best captured here at the separation or meeting points.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

Schools – Children are always great photography subjects, and when they’re being sent off to school (especially young ones), the emotions can be overwhelming. Innocent faces displaying fear, disinterest or interest are best found during the school start or school end hours. The joy of running into mom or dad’s waiting arms after a day of studying mathematics and history is unmatched.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

Beaches – Uninhibited play and fun happens on the beaches. People relax, indulge in games, or quiet meditation near the shores giving photographers an opportunity to capture both extreme solitude and endless fun and frolic.


Image Courtesy: Craig Boehman

Parks – Again, children at play make for great photographs. Parks often provide opportunities to study and capture the grandparent – grandchild relationship and of course the boundless energy that the little ones display while playing unhindered by the worries of this world.

sodding-1072221_1280Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

Restaurants – Food is an important aspect of our life, and we all relate to it in our own way – some are overly joyed at its sight, and some completely disinterested. Restaurants and food joints are the best places to see the reactions that one can have towards food.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

Busy Streets – Last but not the least, busy streets. Here, thinking that they’re not being watched or will blend into the crowd people often let their guard down, displaying their vulnerability to no one in particular but for all to see. If you keep your eyes open and are vigilant enough, busy streets are one of the best places to study the human nature.


Image Courtesy: Tushar Kumar

If you feel we’ve missed out, share with us where you go to get the best photographs for your street photography collection, we’ll add it to this list.


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