Photographer Profile: Mandeep Singh

I idolise Sibastio Salgado & Ansel Adams ~ Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh is a mechanical engineer by profession who has been associated with the LrMobile2405-2016-0926291902301819528world of art from early childhood. His mother, being a trained classical singer and an artist, had made sure that her children were exposed to the vibrant world of art. His father, who is a keen reader and an accomplished writer & speaker motivated him at each step.

Photography interested him since childhood, but he got to explore his passion in a better way when he bought his high end Aim&Shoot camera two years ago and he hasn’t looked back ever since. He initially joined the Chandigarh Photowalk group which gave him an initial push in terms of specs, knowledge and adequate guidance. He has been growing in photography ever since then, learning new methods and getting more knowledge from the internet. He has covered the Golden Temple from unique angles during sunset, sunrise and midnight, the project which he finished in a single 18 hour stretch. He has also traveled extensively to major cities and remote areas for photography.

Mandeep idolizes Sibastio Salgado & Ansel Adams and tries to focus on composition. He is a nature lover and loves to click landscapes and macro shots of insects. Birds and animals are also one of his favorite subjects. He is always ready to capture people and expressions. And, street photography is what he is ever ready for. As of now he is exploring the world of monochrome while also satisfying his hunger for the subjects mentioned above. He has multiple acceptances worldwide and his images have been in demand in countries like USA and Russia. He is also a gold medalist in Classical tabla and has accomplishments in various other fields.

An artist in every sense of the word!


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