5 Great Wildlife Photographers in India Whose Work You Must Follow

There are photographers, then there are Photographers – photographers who set standards, create benchmarks and motivate others to perfect the craft. These photographers create pictures that speak, tell inspiring stories, and often bring forth issues that need to be addressed or things that need to be changed. Among all photography genres, these traits are most important for wildlife and nature photographers – as they help address issues related to our environment, highlight the plight of animals and motivate us to bring change.

Here are 5 Indian wildlife photographers whose work all budding wildlife photographers must follow to perfect their craft.

1456738_10151915904028463_1501886340_nRathika Ramaswamy – India’s first woman wildlife photographer, Rathika took up wildlife photography professionally in 2003 inspired by a trip to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. A strong advocate of the wildlife, she uses her craft to introduce people to rare and exotic wildlife species, specially birds, and highlight environment issues. She is recognized globally for her beautiful photographs documenting wildlife and has received various accolades for them. The most recent ones being – Inspiring Icon Award, 2015, from the Sathyabama University in Chennai and ICF award for outstanding performance and achievements in wildlife photography.

Image Courtesy: Corbett National Park. Facebook.com/RathikaRamasamyPhotography

12832500_966377720117116_4195669542611648773_nSudhir Shivaram – An engineer turned photographer, Sudhir has dedicated his craft to help promote campaigns related to protection of wildlife and the environment. He is one of the founding members of India Nature Watch –a non-commercial wildlife and nature photographs sharing website. Sudhir was also the winner of National Geographic Traveller’s Yellow Border Award of best cover photograph in 2013.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/SudhirShivaramPhotography


Sandesh Kadur – A fellow of the International league of Conservation Photographers, Sandesh is both a wildlife photographer and a filmmaker. He uses his mastery over the craft to highlight issues related to conservation of the environment. Sandesh founded Felis Creations – a media and visual arts company, to further the cause of environment and wildlife protection.  Over the years he has won many prestigious awards for his work and has been nominated for a Green Oscar, Wildscreen twice.

Image Courtesy: Panna Tiger Reserve, MP; Facebook/SandeshKadur
Image & Video Courtesy: ShekarDattatri.com

Shekar Dattatri – Three times National Award winner for films on conservation and wildlife, Shekar’s association with nature, wildlife and photography started at the age of 13 when he started volunteering with Madras Snake Park. Since then, he has effectively used his craft to create awareness about conservation and environment issues. His films and documentaries have won him recognition around the globe and he has been a part of the jury of many prestigious wildlife and environmental film festivals.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

Sunjoy Monga – A photographer and writer, Sunjoy has been devoted to nature’s cause since a young age. Apart from writing books and articles on conservation, most famous work being – City Forest, he also consults on projects related to environment and conservation, he has also founded the Young Rangers – an effort towards creating environmental awareness.


Image Courtesy: Hindustantimes.com

Lots of respect and best wishes to all these wonderful people who are using their work to make life better for all of us and thus creating respect and awe for the craft we all love so much!

Cover Image: Tiger watching@Bijrani zone, Jim Corbett National Park.
Image Courtesy: Facebook/RathikaRamaswamyPhotography



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