Photographer Profile: Jeyadev Parthasarathy

I wish I could spend more time travelling and with the camera, hope to do that over the years to come. ~ Jeyadev Parthasarathy

Jeyadev is an executive search professional, an experienced entrepreneur and a mentor for start up ventures. His entrepreneurship journey started in 1988 with Value Line which he started with his friend Sarish, and which they both manage together till date. He is also a student of ornithology (birds), a subject which he has been studying with a few friends since the age of 5.  With time this interest led him and his friends to learn about other wildlife as well.

Jeyadev’s photography journey started in 1979 – when he acquired his first camera – a Pentax ME. He  immediately started his education in photography with a subject he knew and understood well – the wildlife. During the next few years, he learned the craft by regular practice and lots of experimentation with the camera settings – an expensive hobby at the time – as the 32-33 photographs from the camera roll also needed to be developed and printed.

In 1996, he was introduced to digital photography when he met Hemant and Dushyant from the Mehta Family – known for photography since 1919. He not only learned and worked on photography projects with the Mehta brothers, but also joined their photo stock agency –, as a working partner. This association renewed his interest in photography and since then he has been quite active with the Nikon D series of cameras. Apart from wildlife, he also enjoys and practices travel photography.

Here are two photographs from his collection.




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