Photographer Profile: Uthama Kumar Vasantha Rao

I am a photography enthusiast   – with no formal education in photography  , but with a keen interest in the art of photography. ~ Uthama Kumar Vasantha Rao

Uthama is a practising neurosurgeon. His work involves dealing with diseases, disabilities, deaths, and heavy ‘ doses ’ of agony, sprinkled with occasional moments of joy . For him, photography, with its artistic charm, gives a balance to the outlook and attitude in life – and perhaps, complements and supports his professional life.

He has been pursuing photography seriously since the last six years, learning both the science as well as the art of it. Uthama believes that the charm of photography lies in its ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time , for ever  – leading it to the realm of immortality .

A strong believer in the miracle called LIFE  –  of humans and all other forms, he enjoys watching and admiring LIFE.  Apart from life, Nature – the nourisher of life , and the incredibly beautiful world that we live in also fascinates him and motivates him to work towards aiding conservation of nature and all the wonderful forms of life.

Here are three photographs from Uthama’s collection.





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