Photographer Profile: Fatema Kheriwala

My world is as big as my camera’s lenses ~ Fatema Kheriwala

Around two years back, when Fatema bought a new camera, she discovered her love for photography. Initially she took photos just for fun, but with her family and friends complimenting her work, she realised that she had a good eye for it.

Fatema likes to experiment around it, create different shots and try to make people see the world through the lenses.

She’s a self-taught photographer and with her current job timings, she gets limited time for photography. But she tries to carry her camera with her wherever possible, so as to not to lose any opportunity for good clicks. Although she likes to capture everything through her camera, she’s more fascinated towards nature and macro photography.

Her journey in photography has not been very long, but she feels her passion for it is increasing every passing day. She aspires to keep growing as a photographer, to continue this story – the story of learnings, mistakes and success.

Here are two photographs from her collection.





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