6 Ways to Monetize and Fund Your Travel Photography Expeditions

Most people desirous of becoming travel photographers have two major complains – lack of funds, time or both to support their travel expeditions. If they hold a regular non-photography and non-travel related job – they have the money but very less time to practice the craft and if they take it up full time – they have lots of time to practice the craft – but shortage of funds to support their living expenses and travel expeditions to all those exotic locations which make for great photographs. A complete catch 22 situation!

But with the rise in popularity of the freelance ecosystem many opportunities have opened up for travel photographers to practice their craft and monetize their skills at the same time. In fact, some of these opportunities can be more lucrative and creatively satisfying than a full time career – if you’re persistent and serious about following your creative pursuits that is.

So, if you have the drive to put in some extra hours, deliver consistent and quality work, you can effectively fund your passion for travel photography by all six or a combination of some of these ideas.

Personal Blog or Website – Over the last few years, personal blogs and websites have blog-684748__180become a very popular platform to showcase one’s work. Almost all the people who are serious about pursuing a creative profession be it food, photography, design and decoration, writing, etc., have taken advantage of this platform to build their personal brand. So if you’re serious about pursuing travel photography start your own blog/website chronicling your travels and showcasing the exotic photographs. It’s hard but it’s fun too.

photographer-1149214__180Writing for Travel Magazines and Newspapers – If your writing is as good as your photography, then this is a great opportunity to showcase your work and earn some money too. You can sign up to contribute informative articles along with photographs for the features that travel magazines and newspapers regularly do on must see destinations or monuments etc. In addition to this, you can also explore the option of contributing to city/country travel guides.

Destination Wedding Photography – If writing is not your scene, then taking up desert-wedding-314603__180destination wedding photography projects is another fun and lucrative option to fund your travel expeditions. As a destination wedding photographer you will not only get to travel to exotic locations but will also have an opportunity to pursue two genres of photography – travel and weddings – both of which are always in demand.

tree-200795__180Join online galleries and stock images websites – A lot of people cannot take even a simple photograph. These people take resort to acquiring photographs from online galleries, stock images websites, and from platforms like ours. If you have photographs from different places covering various aspects of travel and variety of landscapes, you can upload your photographs on these platforms. Of course, do ensure that images are quality and you have the copyright.

Hold Workshops and Guest Lectures – Once you have achieved a level of mastery over the workshop-1186988__180craft and can teach it to amateurs and beginners then you can explore the option of visiting photography schools as a guest lecturer or you can even hold workshops either on your own or in collaboration with other photographers or art centres. Teaching will also help you perfect your own craft and knowledge.

trend-1202995__180Travel Consultancy – Use all that destination specific knowledge that you’ve gathered from your travel photography expeditions to become a travel consultant. You can consult with travel agencies and travel magazines to help them put together travel itineraries, brochures, and blogs. If you’re really knowledgeable you can even think of starting your own travel guide portal. 

Photography is a creative field and like all other creative pursuits it requires dedication, persistence and regular practice. So even if you’re finding the beginning hard, don’t lose faith – just keeping learning, and keep clicking..and explore some of these ideas to support your passion!

Photo Source: pixabay.com


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