Life Behind the Lens:Rohit Suri

Mr. Rohit Suri is the founder of Studio V18. He is a member of some of the most ls4prestigious photography associations – Photographic Society of India (life member), Photographer’s Guild of India, and the Photo Marketing Association International and a guest faculty at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

What drew you to photography?

I was drawn towards photography since early days in school, especially during my physics lessons in class 6, when we learnt about the pinhole camera, the path of light, color temperature and optics. My curiosity for creating and recording an image pushed me to pursue photography as my hobby.

Who or what is your inspiration?

I am inspired by formation of images and the way a recorded image can speak a thousand words as if the image can communicate a message and retain memories which would fade with time. I was always busy drawing and sketching but could never draw a realistic image as a photograph would produce, hence I decided to pursue photography along with arts.

One emerging trend in photography that we should look forward to?

The emerging trends in photography are very exciting; creativity is at its highest levels; young minds are thinking out of the box. Its actually become a part of our life as every soul is an artist and lots of people are trying their hand at creative skills and pursuing them as a hobby. We will very soon see a lot of people creating great images and short films with available camera phones and writing many new stories of creativity on the walls of social media.

Which camera do you shoot with and is there a specific photography style that you like?

All cameras are good. One should have imagination and an eye to create an interesting image or visual.

A few words of wisdom for budding photographers?

Budding photographers should multi-task in photography, arts and film making. Their creative energies should find peace within the artistic and commercial work. They will never feel tired of working if they pursue it as a hobby cum profession.

A bit about your most memorable shoot so far?

All shoots are memorable……the results are always novel and interesting. One can never say that my effort was half hearted when I am behind the camera. And, I believe we should always try to grow and improve from past our performance and works.

Favourite picture/s that you’d like to share?




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