Photographer Profile: Balan Madhavan

Mr. Balan Madhavan is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He is both an accomplished photographer and an inspiring teacher of the Art of Photography. Balan is known globally for his awe-inspiring work, specially in travel photography and wildlife and nature photography.

When he is not busy capturing wild nature across world, he photographs tourist destinations around India, particularly the south. Many Indian states use these images to promote state tourism. Over the years, through his work, Balan has helped raise awareness of critical ecological and wildlife issues.

He has won many global awards and is a member of some of the most prestigious photography socities. He is an Associate of the “Royal Photographic Society (ARPS)” of United Kingdom and an “Artiste of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (AFIAP)” of France. He has been featured on the covers of leading Indian photography magazines like ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHY and SMART PHOTOGRAPHY and is a celebrity spokesman for conservation on TV in his home state. Balan was the winner of the United Nations (UNEP) photography Award in1992 and has garnered no less than 150 awards in various photographic salons and contests across India in the course of a long and colorful career curve. However, winning awards and accolades don’t mean much to him anymore and he has stopped competing in professional events.

He now primarily employs the tool and craft of photography for the important messages they can convey. He is a truly gifted photographer whose exceptional skill is complemented with a very rare element – versatility!



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