Tips & Tricks to Capture Festival Festivities & Holiday Fun

The festivals and holidays are here. Beginning tomorrow, till 26th of January, there will be lots of colorful occasions giving us many opportunities to click awesome photographs and capture some wonderful memories. And, there’s our #MyPicsdreamFestival Photography Contest too, for you to share all the wonderful photographs and win amazing prizes!

We’ve put together some tips to ensure that you capture all the joys and color of the festivities and spirit of the holidays.

Technical aspects of Festival & Holiday Photography 

  • Flash and White Balance – Festivals are all about lights. Capture the lights in all forms. Close up, and in the background. To get good pictures of the light or with the lights, ensure that your camera’s flash is turned off and adjust your camera’s white balance settings accordingly.
  • Macro – On festivals, even the small things matter. Turn on the Macro mode to capture the tiny pieces of color ranging from Christmas tree decorations to the cherry on the New Year cake or the Kite flying on Sankranti or tiny sparks of fire when you feed the Lohri bonfire. These make for amazing photographs.
  • Shoot Raw – If you’re taking photographs at night, then for good quality images try to use Raw mode and make adjustments later.
  • Aperture – If want a photograph of a small object or want to make a single object stand out, then try a large aperture ranging from f4 to f1.4 and for capturing a wider view / group photograph use a smaller aperture ranging from F8 to F22.
  • Play with Zoom – Close ups of happy faces and colorful decorations look nice. Play around with the zoom function or physically move closer to your object to get a more detailed photograph.
  • Experiment with Shutter Speed – Take pictures at different shutter speeds to get some creative shots. Try slow shutter speed for activities like dancing, people moving around and a fast shutter speed for capturing a single action or expression.

Take Group / Family Photographs – Usually all the members of the family come together for festivals or holidays. Use this occasion to get some awesome family photographs. Some candid ones and some posed. It’ll help take attendance next year!

Kids, Kids & Kids – Kids love both, the festivals and the holidays. Make them the subject of your shoot. Create a photo-story of how they celebrated the day and ripped open the gifts. That cannot be missed.

Food – Festival food is special. Get close up shots of your special dishes and of course of family and friends enjoying those treats.

Focus on the Mood – Just don’t take random photographs. Try to set a scene. Capture the mood of the people in the room, focus on eyes and smiles.

Capture the Preparations – The preparations are as important as the festival. Take photographs of your family cooking, decorating the house, and putting up the lights.

Get Candid – Festivals and holidays are the best time to get some candid shots. Everyone is relaxed, happy and generally in a good mood –  and you have a recipe for great photographs.

Go Out – Don’t be couch potato. Go out and see how others are celebrating. This is a good time to know how your city celebrates. Capture the fun and gaiety on the roads.

These are just some pointers to make your festival and holiday photographs memorable. You can get a lot of awesome shots, just keep your eyes open for those tiny little moments and click. But, most of all Have Fun. It’s important.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!

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