Life Behind the Lens: Shruti Tejwani

Shruti Tejwani, a former media professional, is a professional portrait, lifestyle, and fashion photographer based in Mumbai. Slide1She took up photography 7 years back and since then she has photographed more than 500 happy clients in India and abroad. Her clientele includes many celebrities and influential families.

Shruti’s photography style is unique and creative. Black and white images are her forte. She is well-known for her exclusive style of glamorous portraits and family pictures. Her personal touch in every assignment makes her one of the most successful and sought-after photographers in her field.

What drew you to photography?

Coming from a media background photography came naturally to me. I was a journalism student and I always wanted to be a photographer but when I completed my studies I had to do media jobs in various TV channels to create a better career. During my media stint, I gained a lot of experience working with the best of professionals from all fields. So yes ! It was a huge plus point for me. Later when I got married I wanted to slow down in life and follow my passion, and that’s when I picked up my camera. Its been 8 years now, there has been no looking back. I have done my formal training in photography, with the very recent one from London School of Photography. I also keep travelling and upgrading myself every few months.

Who or what is your inspiration?

I inspire myself. My aim is to make my next picture better than the previous one. It’s important to challenge yourself and excel.

One emerging trend in photography that we should look forward to?

Trends are changing day by day, and nowadays everyone needs picture to capture everything – be it a professional shoot or a mobile picture. Thanks to social media and PR I feel Small business photography and Headshots for professionals are already a big big trend now.

Which camera do you shoot with and is there a specific photography style that you like?

I prefer Canon Cameras. 5D Mark3K with a Prime lense like 50mm 1.4, 100mm ,70-200mm 2.8,24-70mm 2.8 are some of my Favorite Lenses. I like portrait , lifestyle and fashion photography. Monochromes are my all time favorite.

A few words of wisdom for budding photographers?

Create your own style. Photography is a form of art, present it the way you want.

A bit about your most memorable shoot so far?

My most memorable shoot has been of this one event where I did portrait headshots for 250 women. I shot continuously for 5 hours nonstop. With all excited women around me it was very very challenging but the end result was breathtaking, so it was very satisfying experience.

A favorite picture that you’d like to share?

Now that’s a very difficult one. There are way too many pictures. But if I had to choose one it would be this ONE.



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